Welcome 2017!  My name is Michelle and I teach yoga to individuals who want to take responsibility for their mental and physical health in NYC.  My goal is to give you the tools and practices to create an effective and lasting approach to improvement and optimal maintenance of the mind and body.


Yoga has rightfully gained tons of attention in the past decade — the technology behind the time-tested practice (including asana “posture”, pranayama “breath”, diet and thought patterns) has been clinically proven to change your brain and body, right down to gene expression.  With consistency, we direct ourselves towards health and away from potentially harmful inclination.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, I completed my RYT certification through Kula Yoga Project, a leading yoga studio in NYC and the world.  I am also certified in mat Pilates and Reiki.  Maintaining a rigorous continuing education initiative, I’ve completed workshops at Ananda Wellness Center (Thailand), Kripalu and 92Y.  I have a BS in psychology, minor in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh.

Through this modality we can guide ourselves toward optimal health, top performance and ultimate fulfillment in life.

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